Reversible Black-Grey Stock Clearance

Due to discontinuation of the grey fabric manufacturing, we will empty our black-grey reversible dresses stock with a 30% discount on our webstore! Both JOLIER Pretty and -Eleanor dresses are available in L-XL size and Eleanor (image) in XS-M size. JOLIER dresses and skirts in this vibrant grey fabric have been highly popular so now’s your chance to get the black-grey adjustable JOLIER dress with a lowered price!

JOLIER 10 years!

We are extremely happy to announce that today Alion Ltd behind JOLIER brand is 10 years old! We wish to thank all our customers, supporters and partners for these 10 amazing years! Besides navigating through the somewhat turbulent startup environment, we have witnessed phenomenas that have strengthened JOLIER. -There’s been good and challenging economical times that have had direct influence to the company while at the same time we’ve been able to put a major amount of effort into design, manufacturing ramp up, brandling and company scale up. Finding balance on all aspects has been really the key here. We’ve witnessed the fast- and online fashion booming and at the same time a rising trend toward responsible fashion for tomorrow. However, in fashion as in other industries, major changes in a global scale are possible only through legislation, that is slow because legislation changes occur only when enough people is supporting the new legislation. At all times, JOLIER and the people around the brand have amazed us! Building a new clothing brand has not always been easy. However there’s always been something positive, out from the blue, that has pushed us and the brand forward 🎀 JOLIER is not just another clothing brand but rather a mindset, that aims at changing how people think about fashion. We are not in a hurry and continue on our endevour that we’ve been striving for the past 10 years. We are only in the beginning. Thank you for supporting us! ❤ Jukka Planman, Alion Ltd – Chairman

JOLIER available in San Francisco USA

Good news San Francisco! JOLIER clothes showcased at the Finland Under The Dome at Westfield San Francisco event are sold at the Nordic Innovation House in Palo Alto after the event, 27th of Dec forward! Be fast to get your JOLIER dress before they are all gone! Very limited stock including favourite Pretty Red/Blue reversible- and Milan GOLD (image) transformable dresses! These dresses are perfect fit for the New Year’s party! Cheers, JOLIER

Jukka Planman
Chairman / Alion Ltd / JOLIER
jukka.planman(a) / +358 50 309 9887

JOLIER, the brand that is evolving the fashion industry in Europe comes to Spain with Barrabés

La marca que esta evolucionando la industria del fashion en Europa llega a España. Cargada de prendas únicas, las cuales son diseñadas para que perduren en el tiempo.
Con Jolier puedes transformar tu outfit en un instante, desde un vestido para ir al trabajo a un vestido para ir de fiesta o desde lo casual a una prenda excepcional.
Ahora puedes encontrarnos en Neurika.

The brand that is evolving the fashion industry in Europe comes to Spain. Loaded with unique garments, which are designed to last in time. With Jolier you can transform your outfit in an instant, from a dress to go to work to a dress to party or from casual to an exceptional garment.
Now you can find us on Neurika.


Jukka Planman


Alion Ltd / JOLIER


+358 50 309 9887


Can look good also feel good?

Big thanks to all our customers who support the ethical fashion values of Jolier! After our pre-order campaign we have a limited stock still available at our webstore. The next collection will be full of exciting surprises featuring beautiful fabrics and a new range of colours. The future of Jolier is looking bright and we will continue to create clothes that stand the test of time. We want to continue our actions based on our values: sustainability, ethical choices, wellness and body positivity. It´s important to make a positive impact for both people and the planet. Our whole design process will focus even more on our values. At Jolier we want everyone to look good and feel good.


Ilaria Heikkilä


Alion Ltd / JOLIER