One garment – many looks

Jolier ONE, the innovative fashion wonder, is a one piece garment that can be used in 56 different ways. It can be a skirt, top, bolero, tunic and much more. The garment comes in one size and most styles are best suited for XS-L. The garment is manufactured ecologically in Finland – leaving no leftovers in the process. Jolier ONE is a timeless classic that will be a staple in your wardrobe for a lifetime. Buy Online »

  • Jolier ONE - Green

    Jolier ONE as a tunic

  • Jolier ONE - Brand image 3

    Jolier ONE as a skirt

Top 1
  • Jolier ONE - Brand image 2

    Jolier ONE as a top

  • Jolier ONE - Brand image 4

    Jolier ONE as a bolero

Top 2
  • Jolier ONE - Red

    Jolier ONE as a top

  • Jolier ONE - Brand image 1

    Jolier ONE as an apron

Get inspired by the styles in our collection gallery. Download the full Jolier ONE – STYLE GUIDE